Elizabeth McNally

I was born in upstate New York. I have two older sisters and a younger brother. When I was 8 years old my parents moved us to a 200-acre farm in northern Minnesota. I helped with the farm chores - haying, shearing sheep, milking the cow, cleaning the barn, helping in the gardens, etc. We also rented canoes and fishing boats since the farm had frontage on the Mississippi River.

After about five years, my parents sold the farm and we moved to a resort town about 90 miles away. We had frontage on a small lake where we enjoyed swimming and sailing. In high school I was active in track, band, National Honor Society, gymnastics, basketball, FHA and the yearbook staff.

I graduated Cum Laude and received my B.A. Degree in Graphic Arts from the University of Northern Colorado.  My favorite courses were photography (both b&w and color), Publications Layout, Techniques of Advertising and Technical Illustrations. I received first place on my portfolio in B&W Photography.

My first job out of college was as a Production Assistant to the Production Manager of J.L. Printing in Loveland, CO. After a few months, I requested to be moved into production and was granted the position of Process Camera Operator. It was then a slow climb through production jobs - process camera, film stripping, platemaking, typesetting, and finally design. I think the process made me a better designer in that I came to fully understand the requirements needed to print my designs, and could then anticipate and adjust accordingly, preventing costly mistakes down the road.

I have always enjoyed puzzles. And in some regards I think of design as one. When confronted with a marketing plan, I first ask “what is the final goal?” "What is the best way to achieve that in my design?" The answer is usually the call to action - call this number today, respond by such-and-such date, etc. I then use the graphics and copy to direct the target's eye according to priorities. When looking at a design piece - what is the first thing you see? What is the next? Newsletter and book design is a little different - these you need to incorporate search tools. And of course with all design it must be interesting and attractive.

I am fluent in most computer programs, including Word and Excel; plus I am very organized. As a freelancer I understand the need for accuracy and efficiency; I also know how to keep records of time, expenses and income. I look at every new project as a challenge and opportunity. I enjoy finding solutions to problems. I work well with others and appreciate constructive criticism. I also like to keep physically fit by swimming, skiing, biking and watching what I eat.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope it gives you more insight into my personality and abilities.

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Liz McNally and ImageMark have worked with each other for over a decade. She has provided some fantastic and award winning designs for ImageMark’s clients. She is well aware of our processes and we are able to transfer files easily; and her files are excellent for ImageMark to work with. ~ Karen Kaufman, Executive Vice President, ImageMark

I have really enjoyed working with you and think your designs are excellent. ~ Deedra D.

Liz is an accomplished graphic designer who consistently produces outstanding design projects for a wide variety of customers. I have used Liz for numerous design projects, some of which have won Print Industry of the Carolinas Best of Catagory awards. Liz works quickly, on budget and always has excellent ideas and creative solutions to design challenges. I look forward to continuing to use Liz's talents on future projects. ~ Phil P.

You are amazing!! ~ Cora B.

Liz is great to work with and will always find solutions to any problems with graphics files. She literally blows my mind with her knowledge. She's a great designer and is always current with the latest ideas and trends in design. You can count on her to take your project from concept to final printed or digital art! ~ Keith C.

Dreamtree Graphics came about after 15 years of working as a full-time graphic designer. As a freelancer, I am fortunate to work with my previous full-time employer, ImageMark, and continue to design for the clients I have become so familiar with.

I was the sole Graphic Designer for ImageMark for several years. I was also expected to image the film and maintain the film processor. It was a demanding position. The first thing I would do when I came in was organize my work orders. Generally, imaging film took priority, because in the world of print, the presses should never stop. Next I would determine what proofs I could get out quickly and how soon the Sales Rep would be asking about them. So it wasn't just a matter of stacking work orders according to delivery dates. Once I got out the small, easy corrections, I would concentrate on the larger, more time-consuming projects such as newsletters, brochures and booklets. I had four computers at my command - two PCs and two Macs. One PC was used to image the film. The other PC I used for scanning and checking email. The two Macs were the workhorses - one was a G4 with MacOS9, the other a G5 with MacOS10. The transition from OS9 to OS10 caused several problems - fonts wouldn't work, colors wouldn't separate correctly, text would reflow. So it was a slow process converting the older files. I created all new jobs on the G5. Changes to old files were left on the G4 unless they were frequently updated, such as newsletters and forms - these I brought over to the G5 when I had a chance.

ImageMark Business Services started in 1924 as a small printing company called Brumley Printing. In 1996 Walter Payne purchased it and has now turned it into a multi-million dollar company with state-of-the-art digital and conventional printing equipment. They offer everything from large format to variable data to bindery and mailing services; and they have the ability and know-how to create quality work in record time. Recently they teamed up with Kodak to provide a Digital Demo Center. Learn More

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